Buy Out of State


If you’re looking to purchase a new or used vehicle at Balise Honda in West Springfield, MA, but are coming from another state, you’ll be happy to know that the steps are really not that different from buying a car near home. Many of our customers hail from states such as Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, and New Hampshire, and we’ve even had buyers from Rhode Island and New York. This means we have plenty of experience servicing a wide range of buyers from near and far. To help these customers understand the out-of-state buying process, our exceptional team of service representatives will provide the details of how it will all happen. Read on for more information on some of the most common concerns among out-of-state buyers.


Which Sales Tax Do I Need to Pay?

This one comes up quite a bit, and the answer surprises some folks: the only sales tax you’ll need to pay is to your state of residence. Many customers wrongly assume that because they’re buying in a different state, they’ll need to pay the sales tax from both the state where the vehicle was purchased and the state where they reside. So, if you find a vehicle on our lot that you really like, rest assured that you’ll get it with no more sales tax than you would pay at a dealership back home.


Emissions Requirements

Most states have their own emissions standards that their vehicles must measure up to, with California maintaining the strictest. Over the years, though, many states – including MA, ME, CT, NY, and RI – have followed in California’s footsteps and have since become part of the California Air Resources Board, or CARB for short. Because all of those aforementioned states are now CARB-compliant, you’ll be able to buy a vehicle from them knowing it can be owned wherever you may move to in the U.S. On the other hand, states like NH, for example, which are not part of CARB, might be selling higher-emissions vehicles at their dealerships. This means that if you buy a car from NH or any other non-CARB state, it can potentially run into emissions-related issues at some point.


What About Registration?

Our team of dedicated service representatives will help you get your next set of wheels back home by providing you with a temporary registration. Although your car must eventually be registered at the DMV (or RMV) in your home state, you’ll have a grace period with the temporary tag until you can get to your local registry. If any part of this process is confusing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our service representatives so they can provide more assistance. We want you to walk away with the keys to the Honda you’ve been eyeing, and we will go to every length to make sure you are comfortable with the simple process of buying a car out of state.