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Here at Balise Honda, we can understand how painful of a process purchasing and installing new tires for your vehicle can be. This is why we've decided to provide two key solutions in both of these areas, with unbeatable prices on new tires and a variety of different tire services to help maintain your tires!

Our Balise Low Price Guarantee means that the best price you're going to find locally on new tires are right here in West Springfield, MA, near Chicopee, Westfield, and Holyoke! Along with beating any competitor's price on tires, we also are available to help you match your vehicle to the perfect set of Honda tires for improved precision on the road and exceptional performance. Our services extend far past Honda models, however, with a massive selection of tires that can help properly equip any make or model you bring to us. Be sure to check out some of the no-charge tire services included with the purchase of your new tires, because these additional benefits are just one of many reasons to place an order today!

Additional tire maintenance and services we offer include:

  • Tire Repair: Fix up any tire punctures, liner repair or any additional issue with a thorough inspection and balancing by our technicians.
  • Wheel Alignment: Proper wheel alignment is critical to prospering on the road. Allow our team to make proper alignment adjustments so your tires can be set up for success.
  • Tire Pressure Check: Plenty of risks and danger is associated with tires that aren't properly inflated. Our team can check the pressure of each individual tire and make necessary adjustments where needed.
  • Tire Rotation: Ensure an even wear of tire tread through this routine even rotation service.
  • Wheel Balancing: Avoid vibration on the road by having our team make necessary adjustments with the balance of your wheels.
  • Tire Mounting: Tire mounting, when done improperly, can really be devastating. Allow our professionals to get your wheels on snug and secure.
  • New Tire Installation: Save yourself some time by allowing our team to get your new tires placed on your vehicle.
  • Snow Tire Installation: Winter tires can be a pain to pick out. Our specialists can work with you hand in hand to select an effective group of tires, and handle the installation process for you.

Tire Center Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine the necessary inflation on my tires?

This is information you can usually find on the door jam located on the inside of your driver's door from the vehicle manufacturer, suggestions we encourage you to follow strictly for proper tire health.

What are the signs of low tire pressure?

Low tire pressure isn't something you can necessarily identify just through the human eye. Severe tire inflation up to under 50% sometimes can't be detected, so routine check-ups on inflation levels and a quick visit to Balise Honda are necessary steps to take.

What are the reasons for a quick tire wear?

Tires that were improperly inflated, the conditions on the road and a misalignment of your tires are just a few of the reasons your tires could be wearing way too quickly. With so many potential issues to diagnose, it is suggested you allow our team of technicians at Balise Honda to inspect your vehicle for good measure.

Winter Tires

Winter time in West Springfield, MA means potentially dangerous road conditions and a loss of traction with the vehicle that you operate. In order to stay on top of the weather and whatever the snow, ice, rain or sleet may throw at you, winter tires become a necessity worth learning more about.

Here at Balise Honda, we handle everything winter tires, from sales to service. Our goal is to provide friendly, efficient service and get you the quality winter tires for your Honda vehicle, or whatever make you drive, before the cold comes in. Give us a call or stop in today so we can get started!

Frequent Questions We Receive on Winter Tires

Are winter tires necessary?

Simply put-yes. Seasonal changes on the east coast, and Massachusetts specifically, mean we can certainly expect cold weather and a change in road conditions. Winter tires ensure better traction and handling on these roads, and are specifically equipped for this type of weather.

What are winter tires made up of?

While they may look very similar, winter tires come with a unique rubber compound designed specifically for cold weather and specific road conditions. This gives you a unique advantage on the roads for the wintertime.

My vehicle comes with all-wheel-drive. Still need winter tires?

All-wheel-drive is a great system for delivering study traction to your driving, but consider exactly where the traction moves to-the wheels. This means your tires are a direct contributor to this system, and equipping yourself with winter tires to go with AWD is the blueprint to long-term success on the roads.

Additional points we remind you to keep in mind heading into the winter season in regards to your vehicle’s tires include:

  • ABS brakes are another system that help with traction, but again rely on strong, well-equipped tires to do some of the work. Winter tires still are important even with this precautionary system.
  • Studded and stud less winter tire differentiations are often questions we receive here in West Springfield. Studded tires are designed to improve traction with ice, including metal studs to dig in when you need them the most.
  • While winter tires are obviously essential for the holiday seasons, they no longer become useful when the warm weather returns. They aren’t designed to function in this environment, and thus wear much faster than your usual tires. Balise Honda is more than happy to change your seasonal tires and get you set back up again.

Unbeatable Tire Prices

Unbeatable Tire Prices
Included at NO EXTRA CHARGE:
  • Mount and computer balance for tires purchased
  • Tire rotation for life for 4 tires purchased
  • 2 year road hazard warranty
  • Proper disposal of old tires
The Balise Low Price Guarantee
We'll beat any competitor's price on tires
Valid at all Balise locations. Tires must be an exact match (brand, tire line, size, load rating and speed rating) and include mounting and balancing of tires.
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