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About Honda Real Time All-Wheel-Drive with Intelligent Control and the Honda AWD Lineup at Balise Honda

Here at Balise Honda, we believe in giving our customers every opportunity for more peace of mind when it comes to driving a new Honda model with reassurances built in. That is why it brings us great pleasure to be able to introduce the Honda all-wheel-drive lineup to you, as these vehicles all are a reflection of your potential to experience a ride that is more secure and stable in nature. With the Honda Real Time All-Wheel-Drive with Intelligent Control system supporting your every endeavor on the roads this year, you will be able to carry yourself with a strong level of confidence that greatly benefits both the commuting and travel outlooks of you and the guests that accompany you.

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Honda Real Time All-Wheel-Drive

  • Honda Real Time All-Wheel-Drive with Intelligent Control stabilizes traction and improves handling by sending torque to the rear wheels, improving driver stability and counterbalancing slick road surfaces.
  • This system also operates in real time, intelligently monitoring the road conditions you travel upon to remain proactive, and not reactive, about keeping you secure.
  • This Honda AWD system helps you to benefit in a range of different road conditions and weather climates, and you will especially find it helpful during the winter with different patterns of snow, sleet and ice affecting the roads.
  • Honda all-wheel-drive is perfect for a range of different drivers, but especially appealing to small families and those travelling with larger groups of people. This system can be viewed as a major safety asset in a number of different ways, as traction and a better road grip is critical to any journey.

All-Wheel-Drive Model Lineup

Honda AWD comes standard and available in a number of different models across the Honda lineup, respectively, many of which we're about to touch upon in full detail. One vehicle you will note this an option for is the Honda Ridgeline (pictured above), a bruising truck that is classy with features and capable with a 3.5-liter V6 engine that supports rigorous towing. The Honda Pilot is a large SUV that also really takes off in the performance department, with luxury tech and convenient amenities to go with AWD options in all trim levels.

Two other SUVs with available AWD include the Honda CR-V and HR-V, just another way these highly adaptable and versatile models stand out from the pack. Paired with a continuously variable transmission (CVT), the HR-V really excels in providing smooth seasonal driving year-round. The CR-V shows its multiple dimensions with ample cargo room and a generous list of features, additionally.  The ultra-unique Honda Crosstour can also be found with AWD in used inventories, however this model was replaced by the HR-V for 2016 and on.

Honda HR-V
2017 Honda HR-V SUV
Honda CR-V
2016 Honda CR-V SUV
Honda Pilot
2017 Honda Pilot SUV

Ready to review our new Honda AWD lineup and go over some more of the specifics? Visit us soon and give our friendly sales team a call to chat!

2017 AWD Honda Ridgeline truck

Frequently Asked AWD Questions

What Honda Models Have AWD?

  • Honda HR-V
  • Honda CR-V
  • Honda Pilot
  • Honda Ridgeline

What benefits can I expect with Real Time Honda All-Wheel-Drive?

With Honda Real Time AWD, you can expect an even blend of traction and handling, so that you feel control with your hands on the wheel and don't feel your vehicle sliding around, moving unnaturally or unexpectedly shifting. This road-gripping effect really can have a profound impact on the outlook of your driving.

What are the purpose of winter tires if I have AWD in my Honda?

While Honda AWD certainly does help stabilize your daily commuting, winter tires shouldn't be forgotten about when the snow begins to roll in. These tires only enhance the effects of your AWD system, giving you even more traction and feelings of stability in the driver's seat.

What road conditions and weather climates does AWD really help in?

While AWD is highly effective year-round, you will really be able to tell the stark contrast during the wintertime. Roads that have snow packed down with some ice underneath really leave you vulnerable in a vehicle without any traction settings, which is something you won't have to worry about when operating a Honda AWD vehicle.

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