Used Honda SUVs & Crossovers Near Springfield

image of used honda suvs and crossovers for sale


With such a legacy of reliability and longevity behind the Honda brand, it’s no surprise that these durable vehicles are also very popular on the preowned market. Used Honda SUVs and crossovers are hot sellers because they provide an opportunity for a driver who may not have the budget for brand-new to get behind the wheel of a versatile and capable vehicle such as the HR-V, CR-V, or Pilot.

These vehicles are very popular and have been routinely recognized for high-profile honors and awards, and so they have sold in high numbers throughout their existence. This means that there are many of them available on the market at all times. With such a wide selection out there, it should not be a challenge to find the model and trim you want in your choice of color and optional equipment. It also means that parts will are widely available and almost always in stock when the time comes to repair your used Honda.





Proven Reliability

Honda is legendary for longevity, reliability, and durability – all of the most important qualities in a vehicle. Chances are that you or somebody in your circle has had a Honda that ran for well over 150,000 – or even 250,000 or 300,000 – miles. This reputation for long life is just part of the reason you can feel completely confident purchasing a “previously loved” crossover or sport utility vehicle from this highly respected Japanese brand. Given their proven longevity, a Honda vehicle with under 75,000 miles is still actually quite young, promising years to come of low-maintenance driving.


While a lower sticker price is reason enough to choose the preowned route, the initial cost is just the beginning of the savings. The sales tax will of course be lower, as will the insurance premiums and annual excise tax. And whereas a new vehicle immediately drops in value when it leaves the lot, a used vehicle has already gone through that initial depreciation, and so its value at the time that it’s sold secondhand holds for much longer and decreases slowly.

Certified Preowned

Certified preowned is a special category of secondhand Hondas that meet exclusive qualifications for age and condition. Only vehicles under six years old can qualify for this program, which is called HondaTrue. Provided that they are in acceptable outward condition, they will then go through a rigorous 182-point inspection performed by certified Honda technicians to ensure that they are mechanically sound. Of course, any necessary service will be done on these used Honda SUVs and crossovers before they go to their new owner.

Certified HondaTrue vehicles are then covered by a special 7-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty with the added appeal of no deductible. It’s Honda’s goal to have the best preowned program in the industry. In keeping with this dedication to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction, they are the only auto manufacturer to supply a VIN-specific vehicle inspection checklist with each certified preowned car, crossover, truck, or SUV.