Honda Civic Maintenance Schedule


While your Honda Civic is a dependable, low-maintenance vehicle, it still requires regular scheduled maintenance to ensure that it functions smoothly for many, many miles. For the most part, your trusty Civic will let you know when something needs attention, such as your engine or battery, by way of electronic indication on the instrument panel. Other aspects of your vehicle, though, need to be monitored more closely because the warning signs are not always evident. For routine maintenance, such as oil changes and tire rotations, you should keep records of when services are performed and set reminders on your calendar for when the next service is due. If basic maintenance is neglected for too long, it can lead to more serious long-term issues.





Civic Oil Changes and Tire Rotations

Honda’s specific maintenance timeline should be followed if the Civic is to function at peak performance; otherwise, you may experience issues down the road. While there are some components that need to be checked only every now and again, an oil change and tire rotation will be done at every scheduled service (every 6,000 to 7,500 miles, depending on the type of driving you do). Changing the oil at the recommended mileage interval removes corrosive particles that can cause premature engine wear. Rotating the tires is crucial because it helps the tires to wear more evenly.

Miscellaneous Civic Maintenance

While your Civic is in for those crucial oil changes and tire rotations, your Honda service team will keep their eyes on other aspects of its systems and keep you advised. For instance, they’ll check your tire treads and brake pads when they perform the car’s regular tire rotations. They’ll also inspect the driveshaft, suspension, fluid levels, and exhaust system, among other things. The air filter, spark plugs, and drive belts are to be changed less often (about every 30,000 miles), as part of your regular tune-up schedule. When you keep up on the recommended regular service visits for your Honda Civic, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that specifically trained, certified technicians are on watch for any kind of developing issue. And should a repair be needed, only genuine Honda parts will be used.