Honda Oil Change Service in West Springfield


honda oil change service in springfield


Making sure your car receives regular oil changes is a crucial part of its overall maintenance. Oil functions as a lubricant. It circulates through the engine to keep everything cool and protected from wear, and it even carries away debris that that finds its way in from the outside so that it can be trapped by the oil filter. Over the course of a few months, oil loses its effectiveness as a result of sludge and particle buildup, and when this happens, it’s time to have it drained out and replaced with fresh oil.


How Often Should Oil Be Changed?

If you’re wondering about how often your Honda will need its oil change, the answer is not cut and dried, although it is relatively simple. The rule of thumb for most newer Hondas is every 6,000 miles, unless it says otherwise in your owner’s manual. With average driving that equates to twice a year, but if you drive a lot or under stressful conditions (such as stop-and-go commuting or frequent short trips), you may need three or even four oil change visits per year. Your Honda may even be equipped with a Maintenance Minder oil indicator that lets you know through a display on the instrument panel how much effective life is left in the oil. Luckily, oil changes are a quick and inexpensive service, and you can sit in our comfortable customer waiting area while our factory-trained Honda service technicians get the job done.


Honda Certified Oil Changes

If you want the get the best possible service for your Honda, your best bet is to choose an authorized Honda service facility. Since the technicians work with Honda vehicles day in and day out, they have developed an exceptional working knowledge of Honda maintenance. Balise Honda of Springfield also has a full inventory of official Honda parts, and all maintenance is done with genuine Honda parts.

We welcome you to bring your vehicle to us at Balise Honda Springfield. You’ll find us at 400 Riverdale Street in West Springfield, MA. To schedule, simply call us at 413-306-3034 or book conveniently using our online tool.